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why does my lab growl at me?

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#1 mikejay


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        Posted 20 December 2010 - 10:12 AM

sometimes when im sat on the couch my 6 month old lab wont settle. he looks at me and growls. he dosent do it all the time just every now and again. its really unsettling because he looks like he will go at any time. why is he doin this? not doing anything differently when he starts to growl, he just looks uneasy.

#2 Bennis


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        Posted 20 December 2010 - 04:40 PM

My dog does a similar thing sometimes when im chilling out, im pretty sure hes trying to get me to play with him, and hes frustrated that im just sitting rather than doing what he wants.. He does it at the cat as well because he knows the cat will smash him if he gets too close, and hes frustrated that it wont be his friend? Maybe thats it??
Maybe when he does try giving him a toy or something to stimulate him and he might be all good.. I just do something like that and he forgets about bugging me and does his own thing..

#3 Lucky3


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        Posted 21 December 2010 - 03:04 PM

It sounds like he's just being a puppy, frustrated, bored, and practicing his sounds. I would try not to respond to him when he is growling so that he learns that behavior doesn't do him any good. Instead, wait 2 or 3 minutes after his last growl and then go over and pet him or play with him.
You can train a dog to be a good companion - but he chooses to be your friend.

#4 kaibei


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        Posted 22 December 2010 - 05:20 PM

even my boy is at one year old right now, he had an incident just two days ago, here is the scenrio:

woke up as usual let him out of his crate and i run into the loo and brushing up myself before i took him out for his morning business, while he is waiting, he ran back in our room and grab a hold of a toilet paper and hold it in his mouth, all this happened when i was in the loo, when i came out of the loo, i saw my hubby grabbing his neck in his day bed and toliet paper in his mouth and i know he is being naughty and i asked hubby why he dont take it out from his mouth and hubby said he is growling and when he try to take it, he try to snap him...... OK!!!! we have a situatuion here, since i am with him most of the time and i broguht him up since he is a pup at 10 weeks, i told my hubby let me try, when i approach and order the Drop it command which he will do it most of the time either at play fetch or he is being naughty, but this time, when he almost let it out of his mouth but he decide to keep it still, i wait for 10 seconds and order it again in a deep tone. and i lean down my body towards him and this he start to growl, when i heard this my first time even he growl at me!, i was very mad and angry (but not showing it) i try to take it out from my bare hand and my hand getting close to the toilet paper, he is growling and snarling and baring his teeth, and then i start to raise my voice saying , Kaibei , dont you dare to bite mommy, and i took the paper out from his mouth( i know is very dangerous but also i dont want to back down, since i dont want to let him know that i scare of what he gave me,. lucky i am quick on that grabbing, as soon as the paper is out of his mouth, he snapping the air very close to my hand..........whew!!!!

i run in to the mud room,put on my thick winter padded glove and came back out, order him come over and gave him a tie out, also took the remaining paper out of his mouth, and he is snarling and baring his teeth again, this time i hold his muzzle close and look right into his eye straight and tell him NO! but he try to shake it off my hand and try to bite again, i would not back down at thi point, i go over and grab the back of his neck and give him a big and heavy shake and hold his muzzle close again and lock him down in a side position and hold him there wait 15 seconds and he had a big sigh! and i release him and tell him sit and stay for 15 minutes, he is wild and i know he is testing our boundary, and after that i took him out for his business and came back in to brush his teeth as usual and feed him, he seems like nothing happen and i pretend nothing happen too.

Ever since this incident happened, he seems respect us more and when we order command , he seems respond better too, he will be going to get neuter in coming March. Lab is so smart!
love and hate at the same time!! love more than the hate part tho :D

thanks for the listening, a bit long .....hehe


Happy Holiday Everyone!! and to all the Labbies too, Merry X;mas and Happy 2011! :P

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