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what is this lump ????

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#1 cherryblossom


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        Posted 24 November 2010 - 02:11 PM

Hi , we have a much loved black lab called ralph.He is 10 1/2 and now looks and acts like an old dog.He has had a few health issues that hes had vetinary attention with ear infections , fits , a droopy eye and old age fatty lumps.
Lat week we noticed this a lump on his paw that was like a purply black bubble although solid was a bit weepy when he saw the vet she said it wasnt an infection but a wart/cyst. I always thought warts were hard and dry! At the time it wasnt bothering him but now he is trying not to walk on it.The vet said that should it bother him she would have to amputate his toe and should that not be viable following LFT tests then we would need to consider our options!!!! has anyone ever seen one of these before any advice greatly recieved
thanks k x

#2 julesinchaos


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        Posted 28 November 2010 - 09:40 AM

To be honest I'd ask for a second opinion. Warts can be quite invasive underneath and it might well invade the toe itself but until you've seen xrays that's an unknown? Willow has had a nasty wart removed from her eyelid 3 times now, fingers crossed it's not returned yet. Maybe you could discuss just getting the wart itself removed and see how he goes on? Paws would be tightly crossed it wouldn't regrow... cysts can be full of fluid and weep, different to warts, also need removing though if there's any chance of infection? :unsure:
Could you get him a boot to fit over it, put a sock underneath so it's not irritated? See how he goes and if it dries up? Good luck :)
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        Posted 29 November 2010 - 03:40 PM

I also would get a second opinion.
Last summer Buddy, our black lab cut his foot quite severely on a piece of plastic in our yard. Of course it was on a Sunday, so off to the emergency clinic we went. The vet there said that we needed to amputate his entire foot as "these kind of injuries never heal properly". They were VERY INSISTANT that we go ahead with the amputation. I told them no way in hell were they going to do that and to just stitch it up to the best of their ability and I'll take Buddy to his regular vet on Monday. So with a great deal of grudge, the vet sewed it up.
On Monday my vet was very shocked when I told her what the original vet wanted to do. She put Buddy on anti-biotics to protect against infections and gave me a bottle of Chlorhexdine solution to soak his foot in twice a day.
Now a year later Buddy is just fine and doesn't even have a scar where the injury occurred.

I wonder how many people just don't know any better and let this vet take off their dogs legs?

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        Posted 04 January 2011 - 05:02 PM

I took Poppy to our local vet because she had a little purple, shiny, hard lump on the inside of her ear, near the edge of her earflap about 5mm in diameter. It didn't seem to bother except for the occaisional head shake.

The vet suggested I book her in for an operation to remove the lump as it could grow bigger quite quickly, become very ugly and uncomfortable and then would involve major surgery ending up with a disfigured ear. In panic I booked her in for the suggested (expensive) op four days later.

Meanwhile I realised she needed her booster so I made an appointment for that and decided to rediscuss our options. Luckily it was a different vet who owned labs himself. He waved away my concerns and without me having to say too much he suggested I leave it well alone as he regularly sees these 'spots' on his labs and they disappear after a while.

I cancelled the expensive operation and lo and behold...two days later it had just disappeared!

moral of this story....will always seek a second opinion before taking my dog for an operation from now on, preferably from a vet who actually owns labs!
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