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how active are puppies

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#1 midknight


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        Posted 20 November 2009 - 07:09 PM

Hi, We just brought home our new lab. It is 8 weeks old and has spent most of the day sleeping. Is this normal? Thanks

#2 Doug and Mary


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        Posted 21 November 2009 - 04:58 AM


Puppies can sleep from 15 to 20 a hours a day (depending on age) it helps their growth, a pup in a household with kids and other pets tends to be more active.

However if the pup shows signs of Vomitting, Diarrhea or not wanting to eat, dont hesitate get it seen by the Vets, an 8 week old pup is vulnerable and can go down very fast.

If it is not displaying any signs, I wouldn't worry too much, pups are like babies who tend to sleep a lot, the older they get the more active they get.

Get your pup into a routine of going to bed early and rising early (with you) which will help you down the line.

Doug & Mary

#3 Skye Rocket


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        Posted 21 November 2009 - 05:51 PM

Hi there!

I have a 12 week old puppy we've had her from 5 and a half weeks old! They do sleep alot ...skye slept most of the day up until about 10 weeks old when she started getting more active so now at 12 weeks old she is very active running around our house all day and taking every oportunity to run in the garden and try sneak up the stairs! Although when it gets to around 8pm she just wants to lie and sleep and that's her for rest of night!

Enjoy the nice peaceful sleeping stage while it lasts :-)

#4 Bronx'smom


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        Posted 23 November 2009 - 12:42 AM

hi my puppy bronx is about 11 weeks and i have noticed that he goes through stages -i'm thinking its his growth spurt changes - when i first brought him home he would also lay around and sleep all day and eat alot - and then for a period of about two weeks he was a really picky eater but had so much more energy - then this last couple days he's been eating alot again but also lying around a lot also- just like doug and mary said as long as they are not showing any signs of sickness such as vommiting and diarrhea you should be good- i am so excited to take him back to the vet on dec 5th to see how much he has grown - when i first got him he was 6lbs - then 8 the next vet visit and then the last visit he was 12lbs. enjoy the sleeping moments cuz these little pups are rambunctious and as my neices say " peppy" i know i sure am enjoying the last couple days of him just lounging after gettting tired of playing and chewing and eating finally i get to take a breather i am sure it will only last a couple of days but ahhhh peace and quiet for a while

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