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Hurricane Preparedness For Your Dog

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        Posted 26 August 2011 - 08:59 AM

As you know we are in the high point of our hurricane season here in the United States. These are dangerous storms. While the major news outlets are informing the general public how to prepare themselves for this storm season, little is said about how to prepare your pet for the storms.

Here are some tips:

Make sure you calculate your dogs water needs when you are stocking up on water. Your water system may go out or the water may not be safe to drink for a week or so during or after the storm so you will need an alternate supply of water for your family and your dog.

Make sure you have at least 10 days worth of dog food on hand for your dog. Place it in a container where is will remain dry even if your home floods.

Make sure your dog has a collar and a leash. Make sure your dog has a name tag on its collar that has your name, address and cell phone number. If you dog does not have a name tag, you can quickly obtain one at most pet food stores from a vending machine that engraves it on the spot. These normally cost about $7.00. After a hurricane shelters are inundated with dogs that have no ID on them and there is little chance you'll get your dog back if it has no ID on it.

During the storm. Keep your dog inside the house with you. It is too dangerous to leave your dog outdoors. Keep your dog on its leash during the storm in case you have to move quickly. You don't have to constantly hold on to the leash, but it's easier to grab if a tree falls on your house and you have to move to another room and it also prevents a fearful dog from running away from you.

Your dog may act strangely during the storm. If you dog hides out under a coffee table or goes in a closet, leave him there. The low barometric pressure may cause some ear pain for your dog. Do not under any circumstances go under the table with the dog! He may bite out of fear or pain. It's best to just leave them where they are until the storm subsides.

After the storm. You should take your dog outside for potty. Do not let your dog run loose in your neighborhood. There may be downed power lines and snakes around. And encounter with any of these could be deadly for your dog. And after a hurricane I can guarantee you those snakes will not be happy to see anyone!

Do not let your dog go swimming in any flood water. The water usually has sewerage in it and there may be underwater obstacles that could snag your dogs collar or leash. Plus there may be strong currents which could wash your dog away from you.

If anyone else has any tips they would like to add please feel free to do so. And may everyone be safe and sound during this hurricane season.

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