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In Topic: Black Lab Health Expert?

09 July 2016 - 08:56 PM

 Sorry for the delayed response. Do you have an e-mail address I can respond to? I would be happy to help out.




09 July 2016 - 08:48 PM

Sorry for the delayed response. 


 What is your lab pup mixed with? It could be a food allergy. What brand of food are you feeding her? Have you checked for fleas? There sure are a bumper crop of those this year!

In Topic: Dogs Are Absolutely Amazing (Even if this Writer Calls Them Parasites)

25 March 2016 - 04:37 AM

I agree with you. However, dogs do need our help, especially here in the United States. Due to  various reasons not enough dogs have a permanent home. In Houston, Texas alone it is estimated that there are over 1 million stray dogs with nobody to care for them. How did this happen? IMHO, man has let the dog down and in a lot of cases the dog is left to fend for itself. This is wrong and cannot be justified.

Education about animal care must be force fed to the masses who are either ignorant or just don't care about this problem.


04 March 2016 - 04:12 AM

 We found this out ourselves a few years ago.Our chocolate lab Sammy went in to have a small fatty deposit on his chest removed. He'd had anesthesia before without any problems.the vet did a complete pre op blood panel test and all looked well. Sammy at the time was 10 years old.


 When I picked Sammy up after his surgery he didn't seem to be ok. He was staggering and took most of the evening to recover. He hadn't done that in previous dental cleanings, lump removals.  I took him in the next week to have the two stitches taken out from where he had his lump removed and the doctor noted that Sammy had CHF. (Congestive Heart Failure). I asked her how something like this could happen? All she could say is "Sometimes things like this happen, he may have been allergic to the anesthesia meds and you signed a release before surgery acknowledging that this could happen! I was shocked. Instead of giving me answers the vet was hiding behind a legal release.


 For the next three years Sammy wasn't the same dog. He once played ball and Frisbee. Now if he tried he'd collapse panting, He's on heart meds, but he's not the same dog. At 10:30pm tonight, Sammy passed away here at home from heart failure. I think he knew he was going as this afternoon the hair on his back was standing straight up and stayed that way. Finally he came over laid down on the floor next to my chair and just went to sleep.


So remember there are risks to anesthesia in dogs!



In Topic: how much water should Lab Drink?

27 January 2016 - 01:45 AM

I find that our black lab Buddy stops by the water bowl several times during the day for a quick drink.  Abbey, will not drink most of the day then she has a marathon 5 min long drinking session right after her evening dinner. Sammy takes a few long drinks every couple of hours. They all pretty much drink the same amount of water, it's just they have different ways of doing it.