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Pulled muscle? Dog limping -- help!

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        Posted 31 March 2008 - 11:34 AM

Riley was off leash all weekend and I think he pulled one of the muscles in his right front leg (shoulder?) as he's limping now. ohmy.gif He was pretty rambunctious this weekend and spent hours running around through the snow playing fetch. The snow was quite deep where we were, and I'm thinking maybe he fell through the snow at an awkward angle or something.
I suspect a muscle pull because the shoulder seems to be warm to the touch. He limps pretty good when he first starts to move after a period of rest. He's got a bit of a limp when he walks too...I've been taking it easy on the walks, making them shorter & much slower to give him a chance to heal. Both my husband, myself and my mother in law checked the dog over and we could find no other signs of injury. He's fine otherwise (still wants to play), and he's drinking and eating like a champ. I'd like to ride this out before taking him to the vet. I'm wondering how long this sort of thing typically takes to heal and what I can do for him at home. I am wondering about using those hot/cold gel packs that you put in the microwave or fridge. Do you think it would help? My mother in law mentioned something called Absorbine Jr....an ointment for sore muscles. Anyone know if this is safe for dogs?

Please help me!


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        Posted 31 March 2008 - 11:44 AM

Most likely he has a pulled bicep tendon (I think that's what our vet called it). Our dog Lois gets this all the time from playing ball too much. She's 6-7 years old (a rescue). It's the area up by her shoulder.

I would take your dog to the vet to rule out any bone breaks - that's what we did the first time this happened. Our vet gave us some Deracoxib (an anti-inflammatory) plus some pain meds. Now we give her half a tablet in some cream cheese every night as a preventative, and only half a pain capsule if she seems extra bad (hopping around on three legs).

Of course we try to limit long long walks and rough ball playing - sometimes this is tough with a hyperactive lab who realizes it's springtime :0)

A note, beware of this one kind of anti-inflammatory (can't remember the name) - it's supposed to be toxic to labs if given over a long period of time, fine for the short term. Can anyone else remember the name?

Hope your doggie feels better! Lois usually recovers after a day or two....and looks pitiful and cute till she does, always makes me want to spoil her rotten even more than we do!
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