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#1 NateH


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        Posted 15 January 2015 - 10:16 PM

Hello Everyone:

I have a question as to when Gracie and I are at the dog park...


Background: Gracie is a 11month old black lab. She has been around dogs and people since she was 6months old. We have recently been taking her to a dog park with large and small breads. 


Okay, so when we are at the dog park she runs in and starts hanging out with all the other dogs sniff, play and run. She is in a positive mood tail up, wagging just overall happy look and of course chasing balls! 


My question: When another dog comes to her to play kind in a bit of a rough way she will just roll on her back and let the dog naw on her leg or ear etc. Why does she allow this? Why does she not get up and stand her ground a bit...


Don't get me wrong I would rather have a dog who is submissive then aggressive but i'm more or less trying to figure out why she does not do anything but be passive. 


Thank you!


Gracie :)

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        Posted 18 January 2015 - 11:29 PM

She is submissive because she views the other dogs in the park as one large pack. And remember in dog society there is no such thing as everyone is equal. There is a pecking order from top to bottom. No two dogs are on the same level. What Gracie is telling the other dogs is that she is not there to challange them, but to be nice and hang out with them.


As Gracie gets older she'll probably outgrow some of this and still fit in with the other dogs just fine.


I wouldn't worry about it unless some dog decides to take advantage of her and start a fight. Then I would step in.


We used to go to the dog park all the time, but I noticed that some people bring their dogs in then take a seat on a bench and then bury their faces in their cell phones or in a book. Their dog is left to run around unsupervised. Too many owners of Mastiff's, Pit Bulls, etc. were doing this for my own tastes. Some of these dogs would start fights and there are the owners, sitting there with their faces still in their cell phones or book.


So we go to the local park while not a dog park is much safer for them as we are usually there by themselves.

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