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fear of lightning - is benadryl safe?

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        Posted 02 August 2014 - 02:15 PM

First, Thanks so much for getting me my acc. & new password so fast. It's been a while. I will catch-up. Bruno turned 6 on June 24 & I am happy say he"s a very healthy, happy dog,  I wanted to ask the group as to your experiences with benadryl. Is it safe? Is it effective? If so, What dose would be appropriate for him. I have been using a valerian based product &, though it seemes to work fairly well, It usually takes a number of hours to do so. We are expecting a storm tonight (Puerto Rico) & all the pet shops in the area are closed. I was able to obtain Benadryl  25 mg. pills. (light red pills)  Bruno weighs 79 pounds & has no history of either allergies or adverse reactions. Lightning, well, makes him shake, drool & hide. All the classical symptoms of anxiety.  Thanks for the help. Hope you are all well.

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        Posted 03 August 2014 - 03:25 AM

Yes, Benedfyl is safe for your dog. For your dogs weight three benedryl capsules every 12 hours would be the max dose.


But better than medicating the dog is learning to work with the dog during storms. I(n my opinion too many people say "Oh, just give him a capsule and be done with it" for behavioral problems. That's not always the best choice.  You can choose to work with your dog instead.


 During a storm, observe your dog. What does he do? Are there any areas he tends to go to? I have found sometimes that a blanket over al but one side of a kennel works for them sometimes. They just go in their kennels and wait out the storm in there.


 I have seen dogs going into and laying down in bath tubs before during storms. Using a "special place" calms their fears. We have a black lab Buddy that used to be horribly frightened by storms. One day we left  the closet door open and he ran in there. It's a rather deep closet. So when a storm would come he would just go in there and lay down. I think he liked it because there were no windows in there and the clothing that is hung in there muffled the sounds of the storm. Finally we put a dog bed in there on the floor and always left the door to the room open just a small amount and he would go in there whenever he felt a storm coming, which could be hours before it actually arrived. It's no fuss, no muss. He just goes in the closet and when the storm has passed he comes back out as good as new. Before the closet, Buddy would pace around the house, panting heavily, trying to hide in a bunch of places where he wouldn't fit (like under the bed). He would actually get quite frantic about storms.


On the other hand our large Chocolate Lab, Sammy doesn't like storms. But what he will do is just jump up in my easy cair with me and lay down with his head in my lap. When the storm is overwith he would to back to the floor. The two girls we have couldn't care less about storms. They aren't bothered by them.


Anyway the good news is that starting a few months ago Buddy doesn't seem to need his closet anymore. We had quite a strong storm go by recently and all Buddy did was lay down on the floor next to my easy chair and that was all he did. No pacing, panting, nervous activity, etc. I think he outgrew his fear of storms.


So my recommendation to you is to see if something like a closet would work for you and your dog. Just remember don't lock him in there, leave the closet door cracked so he can get out if he wants. It may take a few times, but he'll probably get used to going in there.


Also please read this thread about dogs and thunderstorms:





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