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Training advice needed!!!

Posted by RubyDoo, 13 September 2011 · 1,996 views

Hello - My 14 month old Black Lab will not come, when called, when on a walk. She comes at the end for her lead to be put on and doesn't run off. But the problem comes when there is someone else in the park. She will run upto them and despite calling and whistling her she does not come back. You have to run upto her and try and get her back on the lead as she is bouncing around. Most people don't mind, she is just saying hello. She's the sweetest thing in the world and just gets so excited seeing people/dogs/bikes - you name it, she loves it. But it is a problem when there's an elderly lady or someone who doesn't like dogs.
I don't want to have to walk her on the lead all the time, she loves running around free - and i love watching her run free. But I am desperate to get it sorted.
Is it just that she is a baby and going through the 'teenage' stage? She learnt all the basics sooo quickly. By 9 weeks old she was doing most tricks. She knows to come when we whistle when she's in the garden/another room, but she does have that 'i know what you want me to do, but im gonna push my luck and do the opposite' look in her eye sometimes.

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated! She is 95% perfect - just need to fix this small but crucial factor.

Thanks guys.

Mary + Ruby

My lab comes when called. The greyhound does not. I recently read an article concerning difficulty in training for recall. One trainer suggest using a whistle. I'm going to try that myself. I don't go to dog parks, not one close by and we have a huge yard for them to play in anyway. We do walk though. But my fear is that if the greyhound mix was to ever get free in some way we would not be able to get him back. Sighthounds chase everything that moves and are very difficult to train in the recall dept. The lab however comes when we say her name.

Mine get excited too when they see people and dogs. The hardest part about training your dog not to jump and pester people are the people themselves. They don't say they don't mind and probably don't. I don't mind myself. But I mind when they knock down children.

Try the whistle. I'm going to. Luckily I don't live close to anyone. Might annoy neighbors at first but oh well.
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Thank you - much appreciated.

She doesn't run off at all, if we don't meet anyone (or anything) on the walk, she's a dream. If we see someone though, she runs upto them and no amount of calling works. She is just so excited to see someone. She loves other dogs and just wants to say hi.
Will try the whistle - shes a bit better at coming back to my husband and he can do the loud ''fingers in ur mouth'' wolf whistle thing?! :-S I can't.

Thanls and good luck with ur greyhound too.
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Hi I have a 1 year old Lab and although her recall is getting much better - not perfect. It's the jumping up that stops me from being able to let her off lease when there are people nearby. I have a couple of parks that I can let her off VERY early in the morning so she can have a good run and sniff and has least distraction. But how do I control her jumping on strangers? The people in her life she knows not to jump on but everyone else seems to be fair game :)

It's frustrating cos she is the softest thing who only wants to play and be petted.
And poeple just see big black dog.
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When using those simple commands bring treats with you. what she thinks is she is the alpha. You have to let her know you are the boss and the owner and you love her and you want whats best for her. Using treats is a great training tool. When ever her attention is diverted divert her attention back stop walking make her sit and make sure you have the treat up in front of your face to keep her attention and then once she has your attention give her a treat then she will associate the treat with if i don't do this i will get a treat and she will think this is my master and i have to listen. I know i will be using that technique when my puppy gets older :) hope this helps
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I have a 3 month old Black Lab puppy that will not stop jumping on people. He is getting better at coming to me when calling him. I use bacon flavored treats in a bag i carry on my side with a clicker. I have been clicker trianing him since he was 9 weeks, around the time I got him. I really don't like the jumping becuase his little nails are really sharp and its summer time and people are in shorts. In order to teach him to come to me I put him on a 20 foot trianing leash with 5 ft, 10 ft, 15ft, and then 20 and let him walk off and then call his name and click the min he turns towards me. That is working with him coming back. But besides that the strangers he is jumping on are too busy to help me teach him not to do that but I will continue to look up trianing videos on YouTube.
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