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A Lab's Life

Posted by LarryL, 27 September 2012 · 2,088 views

As someone who has owned seven Labrador Retrievers since 1982, I feel like I have seen it all.  My wife and I just got our seventh pup last December after I swore I cannot go through another two years of hell watching another lab act like a beaver clearing a forest, which unfortunately, the forest being our home.  I'm sure we can all laugh about it now what wild things us lab owners have seen destroyed, so feel free to post your most unbelievable story about your dear loved one.  Sorry, not that loved one....no spouse stories here, just labs.

For example, our first lab ate through the sheet rock in the middle of our remodeled kitchen.  Are you kidding me?  Does that chalky stuff really taste that good, Lady?  It must have tasted like Milk of Magnesia that our moms made us drink.  But when those lower teeth are coming in, whatever works, right?

Or how about the time at Christmas when my family returns home and we see all of the presents torn apart across the floor.  Yes, MIllie and Winnie smelled wrapped up treats for Christmas morning and had to go through about every wrapped toy until they found theirs.  What a mess.  We knew something was up when we drove up and there was total silence as opposed to joyful barking coming from our two gangsters excited that we are home.  Of course the area underneath the bed was the hideout of this two member gang that would make Jesse and Frank James most proud.

I'll stop for now, but I will return after I have read some of your wild stories that make up a Lab's Life.

Larry from Dallas

This is my one and only story as of yet. Lincoln is 2 months old now, we have had him for 2 weeks now. The first week I had him sleeping in the bed with us only because he coulnd't get down, so when he had to pee I knew it. Well at the end of the second week, while in a good sleep,(it is like having a baby all over again), I hear my boyfriend *S**t, and then a thud and then Lincoln comes running over to myside of the bed and gets into the bed I had origanilly made for him. I rolled over and asked what happened. Stan tells me that he is no longer to sleep in the bed. Again I ask why? Now both Stan and I sleep nude, hippies or just old who knows we like it. I like the covers over me but Stan is different. So he rolls over and tells why he kicked Link out of the bed.....why? He bit Papa's ******** ...... I laughed until I cried.

That's my boy
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Larry you have some really great Lab stories. Please keep em coming! You should probably write a Lab Book story book! Thanks for sharing your stories with us!

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