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New Puppy Mum - and loving it!

Posted by Nae, 18 April 2012 · 1,267 views

My name is Naomi and my partner and I bought ourselves the most beautiful black lab puppy 3 weeks ago. We named him Bronson. The last three weeks have just been absoloutley amazing. Having a puppy really does brighten up each and every day. I chose to write this blg because sharing any puppy updates or news or anything like that is exciting for me but i dont think my collegues or friends can truly appreciate it and i feel like i am babbling in the end lol.
I have been so amazed at just how smart this breed is! Bronson keeps surprizing my with his willingness to learn and obediance. Within Bronsons first week with us he knew the commands "sit" and "stay" and had learnt by the end of the week not to go to the toilet inside! (he is a 50/50 dog 50% inside 50% outside) and has not had any accidents since that first week! the first time we left him home alone for a long period of time i was more then prepared to comehome to chewed up garden bits and god knows what else but the area was as clean as i left it and he had just played with his toys. Plus the neighbour said she never heard a peep outta him.
It is amazing how much love we have for our little boy and we are so excited that he is now apart of our lives :)

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