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Dull colored spot on upper lip

Posted by dutches02, 20 January 2012 · 1,739 views

Hi my names Aaron I have 2 year old black lab named dutches last month she had this bald dark pink spot on her lip so I squeezed it and puss and abit of blood came out since the spot became lighter in color and is a skin looking color now. Its been dry looking and slowly growing hair back plus another one looked like it was growing above it not nearly as bad but you can still tell its there. I googled it and it said like tumors and cyst and all this bad stuff I havent had the chance to bring her to a vet if anyone has experience this please message me back thank you. Id upload a pic but I dont have the slightest clue how.

I would first start with making sure you are keeping her dishes cleaned. My lab had something just like this a month or so ago and they went away on their own. First he got one on his lip and then right in the front of his mouth under his nose. Its best to feed out of stainless steel bowls - not plastic. Hope this helps!
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I make sure mine are washed in hot water an that they are cleaned good. I am learning to about my Black Lab Male puppy Bear more an more everyday. I was told i should know about the breed before i buy him but i went an bought him any ways i feel in love with him the moment i saw him.
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If these have healed on their own it could have been a slight case of "puppy acne". Have any more incidents of this popped up?

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