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Prince needs a new home

Posted by SAprince, 04 December 2011 · 1,850 views

We had got Prince when he was just 9 weeks old from our local shelter. He just turned two this passed November. My father rented out the back of the house to this lady and she is terrified of anything Prince because he is a really friendly dog. Sadly, my dad said I had to look for a new house for Prince because he can not afford to lose the lady because she helps alot financially. This dog is not for free, but I'm willing to negotiate. I have him all over my facebook, you can look there for the pictures.


All I can say is you shouldn't back out on the commitment you made to your dog. If someone told me that, I'd move or live on the street before I gave up my dog. If you had a child, you wouldn't give it away b/c your neighbor didn't like it and a dog should be no different.
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My dog comes before any one an i love him so much allready never thought i would love a dog so much or fall in love with a dog but when i saw him i just had to buy him an give him a great home an love him an spoil him he is a great dog allready know so much about the breed. I love learning so much about him allready thing i did not know before.
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I believe, provided with a bit of training .... a man can become a dog's best friend. I fully agree with slater. It is time to be true to ur dog. Everything else comes after that. Money would come and go, but lab is too precious a friend, that one can give up on or part ways with.
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Ask your father to rent you a house of your own so you can keep your dog.

If he says that's outrageous, tell him he's behaving outrageous. He needs to learn to put family ahead of money.

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