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Biting and Aggression?

Posted by hailey, 31 August 2011 · 2,178 views

So Nahla is an 8 month old black lab, pointer mix. She is a female, and normally a very happy friendly dog. Just recently my family and I started noticing a bit more of aggression and biting in her, mostly when attempting to put her in the cage for the night. She used to go in very good, quick cookie, she'd jump right in and fall asleep. Now, she'll run and hide under tables, ect, and won't come out; at all. The only solution most of the time is to go in and get her, but as soon as you touch her she's actually snarling, showing teethe and nipping. She doesn't bite hard now, but I'm worried she'll start.

Any tips on how to stop this? Anything is appreciated, thanks.

Try making the cage a nice place to be without locking the door. Try putting something tasty inside (cheese is a fav. of my lab) and when she's in get anothe piece and ask her to sit and stay. Leave the door open but sit infront slighty. If she tries to come out, show her another treat and ask her to sit, stay. Wait until she calms right down (e.g. lies down, yawns, slouches etc.) then move away. Try and keep her in as long as possible in the calm position. keep reassuring her and praising her with yor voice. After a while and a few days of making the cage a nice place she wont associate it in the way she is atm. She just doesn't like being in there for whatever reason, don't force her in or grab her in anyway - she will panic and it's their way of saying they really don't want to do it.

I had to do this with my mum's dog - her problem was the car boot. and with a bit of patience it worked a treat.

Hope it helps.

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