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My New Puppy, Lola

19 August 2013 - 08:39 AM

Hello all, 


I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but I wanted to introduce myself as well as my new companion, Lola. 


I'm Zac, a 27-year old Financial Analyst from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My wife has been pestering me for years to get a dog and I've put it off for so long. Now a couple weeks ago, I finally caved when we saw a picture of this puppy. I've always loved labs and I wanted a dog who would be active, fun to play with, and great with kids (as we will be having kids soon). 


She's 9 weeks old and she's a little stinker! She has a great personality already and I was actually able to get her to fetch (and bring back) a toy for me this morning for the first time. She fetched her toy about 10 times before she started to lose focus and retrieve the wrong toy. I was so excited, as I've been working with her for the last few days trying to get her to do it but she's usually too "A.D.D." to do it. 


The funniest thing about her is that while she seems to love anyone and everyone, she particularly loves kids. If we're in the back yard and she sees a kid walking on the sidewalk, she goes running towards them. I wonder if all labs have this instinct - she seems to know that she'll get the most attention from the little kids. 


We're in the process of switching her over from her old food to the Blue Buffalo large breed puppy food and she's definitely having a tough time with the transition. I can hear her little tummy sloshing around. I hope it doesn't last more than a few more days. 


I know this post has been quite random, but does anyone have any advice as far as introducing my puppy to water? I got her a little kiddy pool and so far I can only get her in there if I dangle a treat above the pool but she'll take the treat and high-tail it out of there. I want her to love the water because we have a lake nearby and it would be good exercise for her in the summer. Is it concerning that she doesn't like water right now or is that normal for a puppy? 


Thanks for reading - we are so excited about Lola so I wanted to join a community of fellow lab lovers!